At Tipico Services Ltd. we believe that the value of the services we provide depends on providing our employees with the right environment and stage to perform and achieve their own goals and aspirations. We believe our employees are our most important assets of the Company and they are the experts who continue to guide, support and influence the continued success of Tipico as a Group. We listen, and we action, accordingly as the strength of Tipico Services Ltd. lies in the excellence and specialism in the management and employees. We are a team of highly qualified, service orientated, specialists always pushing boundaries and striving for success. This is the key to the team’s personality and we are continuously encouraged and invested in by the company to develop further to meet our own career goals and targets.

Kiran Menghnani
Executive Director – Finance/Operations

Kiran has over 10 years of finance and operations experience having previously worked in other major online gaming and insurance management companies. Kiran joined Tipico Services in 2011 where he was tasked in developing the company and focussing on the services provided. Kiran became the local Director in 2012 and is responsible for the continued management and development of the office with responsibilities in Affiliate Marketing, Operations, Finance and Procurement. Kiran’s specialities lie in Media Procurement and Performance, Finance Operations and Advance Data Analysis. Kiran speaks 5 languages which include English, Spanish and French.

Marlon van der Goes
Executive Director – Marketing/Sponsorships

Marlon has over 20 years of specialist marketing, investment and sales experience having previously worked in major banks and omni channel sportsbook companies. Marlon joined Tipico Services as Director in 2017 and brings a wealth of experience in Sponsorships, Marketing and Sales Strategy and Customer Life Cycle Management. Marlon is also the CCO of the Tipico Group since 2016 and comes with a rich network of highly influential marketing experts and consultants. Marlon’s specialities lie in Marketing, Sponsorships, Investments, Customer Aquisition and Retention. Marlon speaks Dutch, German and English.